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Patients receive a text message or email with a link that requires one tap or click to access their treatment program.

600+ Exercises and growing daily.

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Note from the Team

As a Physical Therapist, I’ve treated patients for over 20 years. Over that time, I grew very frustrated with the way I gave exercises to my patients. It went from photocopies of cards, to hand drawn stick figures, to pictures I took, to images from Google, to home exercise program software. None of which had exactly what I needed. Hence, the creation of Atlas Health X. We hope you enjoy using it to treat your patients as much as I have. Ryan Tauzell PT, MA, Cert MDT

Patient Testimonials:


"Looks great, and super easy to understand."


"The way the exercises are demonstrated with lots of angles and instructions, I'm able to learn them really fast. It feels high-tech."


"I really like the exercise videos, I totally understand what I'm supposed to do."


"I like that it's a video and not a paper to lose."


"That was surprisingly easy, it was just a single tap and I was in my program."

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